Fat Grafting on Lipoed Areas After Brazilian Butt Lift?

hi, i recently had brazillian butt lift and am very happy with the way the doctor sculpted me. i am however concerned that in some areas the doctor may have done too much lipo and am afraid that when the hardness goes down, my skin will be wrinkly there.. can fat be grafted there successfully after a while? i dont mind having a thicker waistline, it is already tiny. i am now 6weeks post op. i will appreciate an honest answer. i dont want to do anything that may ruin my already good results.

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Fat Grafting after Buttock Augmentation

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After a buttock augmentation/fat transfer, it is a good idea to wait at least 6 months before deciding to have any corrective surgery. It takes time for swelling to go away and without giving enough time for this to go down, then you may not see the true results. After the initial recovery, then fat grafting to the areas with irregularities can be done. In all, I would definitely  be patient with the results.

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Can fat be transplanted into irregularities following liposuction?

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I am happy to hear that you have had a satisfactory BBL. As reagrds the liposuction donor sites you need to wait at least 6 months before the swelling and hardness resolves to determine whether or not you truly have residual deficiencies. If there are areas that may have had a bit too much fat removed then you can have fat transplanted into those areas. Good luck!

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