Will Fat Grafts to my Legs Reduce Further with Healing?

I just had fat Grafting on my lower leg and knee 2 weeks ago, cause the were bony. But to be honest they still a bit bruise and my feet are swollen. But my concern is that the very first days they looked very nice, but they had gotten a bit smaller, you think they will still reduce more? If I am not 100 percent happy with the result, can I ask the doctor to do a touch? he charge me $9000. I am scared he tells me I have to pay again????

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Fat injections to the legs

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You can not hope to retain 100% of the fat that is injected as a graft in a new area. Some of the cells don't live. the doctor doesn't want to over correct too much on the legs because of poor circulation and swelling. You should ask your doctor what the policy is about having more fat injected. Doctors may do it differently, but I do a series of fat injections and there is a charge for each time.

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