How to Keep Fat Grafting in Buttocks After Having a Brazilian Butt lift?

I had a Brazilian Buttlift 3 months ago: i wish to keep the fat in my buttocks for a long time. How can i achieve that?

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How do you maintain the grafted fat after a BBL?

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The BBL is the most popular and most favored procedure for buttock enhancement. In my practice I inform patients that if after 6 weeks the grafted fat survives then there is an excellent chance that the fat will survive. After 3 months the fat has been incorporated into your buttocks and it is highly unlikely that it will be absorbed. Therefore you can fully  exercise and not have to refrain from any activities.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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After Brazilian Butt Lift it is important to keep pressure off of your buttocks.  This means laying on your side, standing instead of sitting, shifting positions frequently if sitting, etc during the first few weeks to months.  However, at 3 months, the fat should be nicely incorporated and your really should not need to take any other special action at this point.


Good Luck.

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