Fat grafting with implants?

I recently had breast implants and for whatever reason, my results are noticeably smaller than the sizers I tried in the office pre-surgery. My PS has suggested doing a fat transfer to add a bit more volume (I don't want much more). He's experienced in it and I trust him, but was wondering how successful it is to have a fat graft with existing implants. We will be doing it under local anesthesia with sedation. How difficult is the recovery? What questions should I ask my PS about the procedure? Thank you.

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Fat grafting with implants?

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Yes, fat can be grafted to your breasts that contain implants. I typically reserve this for very small augmentations, particularly in women who have failed breast implants or who have been reconstructed.

Kenneth Hughes, MD
Los Angeles, CA

Fat to breasts

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Yes you can. However, there is risk of calcification with fat, risk of puncturing the implant with a cannula, and risk of infection. In the right hands, you should do fine

Omeed Memar, MD, PhD
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fat trasfer

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Thank you for the question.

To best help you, a physical examination or a picture evaluation would be necessary in order to determine which procedures and techniques would be best for your case and that way give you my best review.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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Fat Grafting after Breast Augmentation with Implants

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It is possible to add a small amount of fat to your breasts after augmentation.  However, the fat should not be inserted in the same pocket as the implant.

You should discuss with your surgeon the possibility of increased difficulty reading your mammograms after the Fat Augmentation, and the number of procedures that may be required to increase your breast to the desired size.

Thank you for your question.

Rondi Kathleen Walker, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon

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