Fat Grafting to Fill Crease Caused by Liposuction on Thighs?

I had Liposuction of the posterior thighs which has resulted in a 'double crease'. I would like to fill in the artificial crease with Fat grafting. Is this possible?

The crease is deep and quite long, running almost to my outer thigh. I have consulted w/ a PS who said its not possible but I don't understand why. I had great success with Fat grafting to the buttocks. Please help.

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Fat graft to fill crease from liposucton.

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It is difficult to say without photos or exam.  Fat transfer can work well to even out irregularities.  The problem is the recipient site may not have good vascularity because of the scar.  Best to speak with a couple of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons.  You will then have good data on which to make a decision.

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Fat grafting success depends on the vascularity of the recipient site.

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Fat grafting may work but it may take several sessions. It generally works better inthe buttock because it is transferred to health muscle. The fold you describe has a lot ot scar tissue that is not as good as a recipient site.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Fat Transfer, fat injections, micro fat transfer

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Dear Happy80, The fat tranfer for correction of the buttock fold is possible.  It may take a few sessions of fat grafitng to achieve the proper shape.  The difficulty with the procedure is the scar tissue from you previous surgery.

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Trevor M Born MD

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