Can Fat Grafting to Cheeks and a Neck and Facelift Cause Sore Irritated Eyes and a Feeling of Tightness Around Eye?

Since a facelift and fat graft to cheeks my eyes are very sore and irritated have the procedures caused this

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Fat grafting and facelift does affect eyes temporarily

Yes the fat grafts and facelift can cause irritation around your eyes.  Use artificial tears and the gel tears or ointment at night.  Also a cool mist VAPORIZER IN YOU ROOM AT NIGHT WILL HELP THE DRY EYES.  THIS WILL ALL PASS WITH TIME SO FEAR NOT.   MY BEST TO YOU.  Dr C

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Fat transfer and facelift recover

Of course it can.  If you had a facelift and fat trasfer performed simultaneouslyparticularly if you treated the areas right around the eyes or in the tear trough it certainly normal to feel tight and sore for up to a week if not a little bit more depending on how aggressive the fat transfer was. It sounds as though you have normal healing but I have no other information to go on such as when was formed, your age, your medical history and so on.

I'm sorry couldn't be a bit more helpful. If you very uncomfortable you might ask your surgeon about taking a short course of steroids.

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