Fat Grafting After Smart Lipo?

I am a slender male and I have had smart lipo in my upper, lower abdomnen and flanks. I am interested in having fat grafting done, but I am a slender male and dont have much more fat left it seems, maybe a bit in my cheeks or possibly my bum? What can I do in this situation KR mario86

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SmartLipo, High Definition Liposuction and Fat Transfer in Men

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Your problem does present a challenge, as you do need adequate fat to be harvested in order to achieve gratification with fat transfer/grafting to any other.  What I suggest to my male patients who have relatively little fat in their abdominal area, is to take advantage of the sparse amount of fat that is there, and leave a little over the muscles to "mold and contour" enhanced muscular appearance using a special technique called "High Definition" liposuction. With this procedure, it is possible to seemingly "enlarge" such key  muscles such as the rectus abdomens ("Six-pack muscle group"), obliques, pectoralis ("pecs"), deltoid, biceps, triceps, and the list goes "on and on"!  I mainly use SmartLipo in men only for the purpose of TIGHTENING loose skin areas.


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