I'm 5'11, 170lbs; How Much Fat Can Be Transferred to Hips/Butt?

What factors does this depend on?

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Fat Limitations in Brazilian Butt Lift

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As a general rule, the maximum of fat is transferred as possible based on how much the donor sites will allow. This can range from a minimum of 300cc per buttock to up to 800cc per buttock. The flip side of donor availability is how much fat each buttock will hold.

How much fat can be injected into each butt cheek?

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The most common limit to how much fat can be transferred to your buttocks is.... how much fat you have available to transfer. 
The second limitation is how much fat your buttocks will hold. 
These are the only two limitations.  Most patients max out between 800 and 1200cc per cheek.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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The amount of fat that can be safely and accurately transferred to the buttocks would depend on how much fat can be harvested from you. It also depends on the size and skin elasticity of the buttock to assure no vascular compromize to the buttocks due to increased pressure. The largest amount is about 800cc-1200cc per buttock.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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