Can You Use a Fat Graft Flap for Brest Augmentation? The Donor Sight Would Be from a Tummy Tuck.

If one were to get a tummy tuck & had enough extra fat/skin, would it be possible to use that fat to augment the breast if that person needed a little lift due to sag and deflation from pregnancy? If so, could you insert a fat graft flap (from the extra fat taken out from the tummy tuck) into the breast using a doughnut incision/lift? How would it turn out? Would the fat graft last longer than any fat injections? Also, would it be lumpy or smooth? Also, the same question goes for butt & lip aug.

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Fat graft for breast lip and butt

Yes, fat grafting by injection of fat coupled with external expansion can give you about a one cup size increase in your breast size. It does not lift the breast. It is a labor intensive process and requires that you wear an external device for a long time. Also, it usually requires two, sometimes three, sessions.

Fat can also be injected in the lip and the buttock. Results are variable.

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Tummy tuck and fat grafts

The abdominal tissue is often harvested fro breast reconstruction in women with cancer or a breast deformity it is not routinely used for breast augmentation.  Some surgeons are beginning to use fat grafting to provide extra fill, but this is still not standard.

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Can You Use a Fat Graft Flap for Brest Augmentation? The Donor Sight Would Be from a Tummy Tuck.

Only as a Fat grafts based on liposuction of the fat in the TT flap and other areas of liposuction. Best to be seen in person by a boarded PS in your area. 

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Using Fat from Abdomen for Breast Augmentation

There are two ways this could be done but it is not common.

One way is to use liposuction to remove the fat and place it into the breast as small fat grafts. The other way is to do a reverse tummy tuck and move the living fat from the upper abdomen under the breast tissue with a long scar under both breasts.

Both of these procedures are only for selected patients and you could discuss more with a Board Certified plastic surgeon.

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Tummy tuck flaps cannot be placed in your breast

The fat trimmed from the tummy tuck cannot be placed into your breast for a breast augmentation. This would only produce a firm lump of dead tissue full of regrets for both you and your surgeon. Fat can be 'harvested' from the lower abdomen where the skin and tissues are to be discarded, and transferred with a dispursed grafting technique into the breast and will 'take' or survive there. For  most the results are modest and not worth the effort, cost, or risk.

Best of luck,

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Using your own fat

I perform fat grafting for breast augmentation and breast reconstruction routinely, but it is a completely different concept to implant augmentation and depending on your size presently, and the size you want to be, it may require more than one procedure. Generally you can expect about a 200-250cc augmentation with a single fat graft, and this can be increased if you are prepared to use the BRAVA® device prior to the procedure. If you are having a tummy tuck it is possibly to liposuction the area where the tummy tuck skin will be removed, and other areas if necessary, prior to performing the tummy tuck. This fat will then be used for the microinjection technique to augment the breast. We are even able now to store additional fat in our Liquid Gold Lipobank for additional fat grafting procedures.

The fat grafting itself does not require any incisions, and yes it can be performed in conjunction with a lift, particularly if you are just looking for a moderate size increase and increase in upper pole fullness.

If properly performed, the result should not be lumpy at all, though a risk of any fat grafting procedure is the formation of small cysts. These should not be of any consequence, and have been shown to absorb over time. If the micrografting is not done properly then larger cysts could form and be a problem requiring drainage.

The fat harvested can be used for grafting anywhere, including the buttocks and face. The only limitation is the amount of fat you have to remove, and also in general it is not advisable to perform very high volumes of liposuction at the same time as a tummy tuck.

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Autogenous breast augmentation- using your own tissue

You mix several concepts in your question, and they need to be clarified.

First a graft is where tissue is taken from one place and moved to another without its intact blood supply (e.g., skin graft, facia graft, fat transfer, etc.).  A flap is where tissue is moved from place to another, but blood supplied is carried with it (tram, rotation, advancement flaps, etc.), or re-established through microsurgery (so called "free flap").

One could theoretically do a TRAM flap to enlarge the breasts, much like it is done in reconstructing an absent breast, however this is a large, risky operation, that most agree is inappropriate for primary augmentation.

The fat from the abdomen tissue to be removed could certainly be used to transfer (fat transfer) to the breast, if the surgeon is comfortable with that.

The real consideration is nipple position and degree of sagging.  Personally I don't like the doughnut pexy, for so many reasons.  In any event, if the nipple is too low, it needs to be raised regardless of how the lost volume is replaced.


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Fat graft

A common question with a complex answer. While fat grafting is possible it is not predictable. Historically speaking, there were techniques of transferring fat from a lipoma for augmentation but fat cannot survive as a mass. It has also been used as a flap, keeping it attached to the body, for breast reconstruction but this creates long scars and multiple procedures and has been supplanted by more modern techniques. These modern techniques can theoretically be applied for cosmetic augmentation but are complicated and expensive and thus impractical. Fat grafting by aspiration and injection is a new trend that is highly technique dependent and subject to long term evaluation before it will uniformly replace implants. Some limited application for free fat or dermal-fat grafts for localized defects exist but not for total whole breast augmentation. The problem with injectable  fat grafting is that can be unpredictable, causes confusing masses due to necrosis and calcification, and is not easily reversible if there is a problem

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.. 

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