Fat Graft to Finger? (photo)

Hi, I lost some finger pulp to a table saw accident. My hand plastic surgeon has suggested a fat flap graft taken from the abdomen to repair the defect, while other surgeons dismissed the idea as crazy. Any opinions on this are much appreciated. Thanks, Matt

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Fat graft

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I would advise against you getting more surgery and just leave it to heal.  I don't think from the photo that you will have a much better result after surgery and may have more potential problems with healing and scarring.

Fat Graft to Finger?

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Based ONLY on the one posted photo, the appearance appears very acceptable. So I would recommend against a fat graft. 

Fat graft to finger

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I think there needs to be an appropriate balancing of risk, cost and potential results.  In your case, I do not believe that the benefits of such a procedure would outweigh potential risks. It is also important to note that, if this is a relatively recent injury, then it should be allowed to heal for at least one year.  You have not specified the method of wound closure and whether any scar revision has been attempted prior to this point.

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