Fat Graft Excision--How is It Done?

I’m 6 years out of fat transfer and seek a fat graft excision. There are lots of info about putting fat grafts in but not taking it out. Can any surgeons explain in detail how this excision is done?---Do you make your cut only at the fat graft bump, or cut near the scalp like a facelift and undermine or tunnel under the skin until you get to the graft? What side effects I should expect? Thanks ahead to doctors for listening.

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Your question can only really be answered if we knew what area of the face needs to be addressed. As mentioned before, there are less invasive ways to address lumpy fat.

PHotos would be helpful...an inperson consultation would be even better.

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Fat graft removal

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I have never taken out fat grafts at 5 years. I would imagine if liposuction and kenalog injections dont work they are excised directly

Richard Ellenbogen, MD
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