How is Fat from an Undesirable Area of The Butt Removed During a Brazilian Lift?

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Liposuction can remove fat from unwanted area of buttock

Liposuction can remove  unwanted buttock fat during a Brazilian buttock lift, however the procedure generally involves injecting fat into the buttock during the procedure. If there is an area of concern this can be improved with lipo and minimal to no fat re-injection. Your plastic surgeon will explain this to you in greater detail at the time of your consultation.


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How is unwanted fat removed from the buttocks in the BBL?

Fat from any area is generally removed via liposuction. It is not common to have unwanted fat in the buttocks,but liposuction would be used if this were the case. It may then be used to inject in areas of the buttocks deficient in fat.


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How Fat is Removed in Brazilian Butt Lifts

The fat is carefully removed from the undesirable parts, often "love handles" or "muffin top", abdomen, and sometimes thighs, to sculpt the overall back-side shape using liposuction, and sometimes micro liposculpture.  That is the fat that is then used to add further curves and volume to the buttocks in places that will achieve a rounded look.  

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Fat Removal During Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat from unwanted areas in the buttock can be removed with liposuction and placed in a new area if needed.

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How is Fat from an Undesirable Area on my Butt Removed During a Brazilian Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a simplified term for a more complicated procedure. The Plastic surgeon will look at you and analyze the parts that could be enhanced by augmentation with fat and the neighboring parts which would enhance the buttocks by being reduced with liposuction. So, the procedure is a combination of sculpting with liposuction and augmentation with fat transfer.

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