How Can You Tell Fat from Swelling from Fluid, Etc After Vaser Lipo?

Been searching but cannot find the difference of fat tissue vs swelling vs fluid. I would like to know how to inspect my body and determine if there is residual fat after vaser lipo or swelling or fluid, etc. I know in the early weeks everyone says you have to wait months, but I would like to know when a spot is missed or there is residual fat by feeling it. Could anyone give an exact description of how to know this? Any help would be great. Would like to be more educated on this. Thanks

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Post Vaser Lipo Swelling

Thank you for your question. It will take 6-8 months to really see 90% of the result, so there is no other option but waiting and compressing the area. You could also use the Vasershape to help smooth out the area. I hope this helps.

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Residual Swelling, Fat or Seroma

A clinical evaluation would help to determine if you have residual fat, swelling, or a seroma. With seromas you may often see a fluid wave when the area of concern is pushed quickly, but gently with your fingers. Imagine pushing on the edge of a waterbed and watching a wave of fluid underneath the bed liner. You may see a similar response in your body. Your surgeon will be the best person to determine the results your postoperative healing process.

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