Does it appear that I have enough fat for a modest BBL? (Photo)

I'm 5'2 about 112-115 lb. I would like a modest BBL. I'm looking simply to fill in my slightly sagging bum and hopefully correct the couple of dimples in my cheeks. Do I have enough fat for this? My desired donor sites are my back and flanks, plus abdomen. I honestly prefer not to gain weight for the procedure as it's generally unhealthy. Besides, I'm looking to fill some lost volume, not really to increase the size of my bum. Thanks.

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Does it appear that I have enough fat for a modest BBL?

Thank you for your question. 

You are a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift search for a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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I think that you may be a good candidate for a BBL. Best to be seen in person to be properly evaluated.  Good luck with your decision to move forward.

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Does it appear that I have enough fat for a modest BBL?

You do not need to gain weight.  I would liposuction your abdomen, flanks, and back and achieve better shape and fullness as well as fill in dents.

Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts and liposuction procedures each year. Look for great reviews and great before and after pictures.

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Brazilian Butt Lift

You have enough fat in the abdomen and flanks and back to reshape the body and give the modest increase in the .
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Fat enough definitely

You definitely have fat enough for a fat transfer to your buttocks and can get a nice increase.    Remember that the marketing phrase BBL is simply a fat transfer to the buttocks.   You have good donor sites mid trunk about your abdomen and flank area.   You should be able to attain your goal.  My Best,  Dr C

George Commons, MD
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