How Fat is Too Fat for Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo?

I'm 5'4" 190 pounds, want to get rid of "pot belly" and back fat. Have fybromyalgia and have difficulty exercising and the fat has just built up over the years. I just want to fit into size 14 clothes

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SmartLipo and Cool Lipo are not your best options here.

Both of these laser-assisted liposuction techniques are best applied to areas where there is not a "mass-removal" of fat necessary. The "skin-tightening" effects of either of these techniques is over-advertised and under-delivered, so skin elasticity is the chief means by which your skin either tightens or "hangs" following fat removal of any significant amount. And you do have a reasonable amount of fat needing removal.

Frankly, the same is also true for the "skin tightening" benefits of Vaser or other ultrasonic liposuction, but this is the most efficient means of performing larger-volume liposuction that will yield the best results with anatomy such as yours.

I understand the inability to exercise because of your fibromyalgia, but if you continue to gain weight, ANY form of liposuction is not a solution either. You will waste not only your money but your expectation, outcome, and comments about plastic surgery will be negative, so I would advise reaching a stable weight you can maintain before undergoing any surgical procedure. This may require only portion control and a bit of daily walking, or may reach the point of gastric bypass, but a stable healthy weight must be obtained before surgery is safe or effective.

Thanks for asking, and best wishes!

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