Does Fat Facial Transfer Remain if You Lose or Gain Weight? 15 Days is Enough to Realize the Final Result? (photo)

i did fat facial transfers for my cheeks and lips ,my face was round and swelling ,iam now 15 days after surgery but look so nice and like my face.but iam afraid that my face will loose more fats later ?can i realize now after 15 days the last result of my fat facial transfer and is this will remain permanent as well for my lips ?if i lost weight this will affect or if i again weight also ? kinldy advise iam worried about that looking forward for your answers....

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Facial Fat Grafting

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Fat grafting can be permanent, but at fifteen days, it is too soon to evaluate this as your final result. Most of the images of facial fat grafting that I have posted to Realself are taken six to twelve months post -op \ At this point, fat has developed it's own blood supply and will remain.

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15 days is definitely too soon

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Unfortunately, the final results of fat transfer don't really stabilize till about 3 months after surgery. Usually fat transferred to the lips doesn't survive quite as well as fat transferred to the rest of the face.

But you can always add more if you aren't satisfied in 3-4 months. Weight gain and loss can have subtle changes of your facial fat as well.

A.J. Amadi, MD
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15 days post fat transfer

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At 15 days post-op after anything surgical, including fat transfer, it's too early to tell what your result will be.  Fat grafting seems to stabilize after about 3 I"d recommend patience!

And yes, the size of the fat cells can fluctuate with your weight - if you gain weight, the size of the fat grafts can increase, and so forth.


Hang in there!

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