Fat Disappeared?

I had lower eyes done 2 1/2 years ago for slight baggy eyes. Dr. took fat under eyes and put above cheeks (not necessary, in my opinion). 2 weeks ago I gently massaged hard feeling areas on upper cheeks and outer eyes, because of tension. Area hurt the next day, like muscle tension letting go, and tension feeling was gone. Since then, I noticed I now have bags back and wrinkles on outer eyes I never had before? Is it possible I broke up the fat and ruined my lift?

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Fat Missing?

It is very unlikely that you caused any disappearance of your fat. It is not possible for you to squish it and have it disintegrate (if it was, we would all be doing it to our bellies). What is possible is that you caused some scar tissue to release and this may have caused some changes. When is doubt, always contact your surgeon and ask for assistance. They are there to help.

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Disappearing fat with massage

The fat transferred in the lower lid after two years or more will not disappear with massage. Hard to say exactly what changed but once fat takes up residence and heals in it becomes quite resilient. Just imagine if we could massage at anywhere and make it disappear.

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Could vigorous massage dissolve fat grafts?

When fat graft takes, it is hard to dissolve it with massage. But when it has not taken, it turns into an oil cyst. With vigorous massage you can break the cyst and lose the volume.

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