Fat Grafting to Buttocks - When Will Results be Evident?

Following fat graphing to buttocks and the swelling subsided, when will the full effect be evident? when does fat cells which were used to graph buttox increase in size after swelling?

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You shoule see an increase in size immediately.

The results of the Brazilian Butt Lift are evident immediately. Of course, the results are exaggerated due to swelling. The swelling will subside over the first 2-3 months. It is then that you will see your final results regarding size. The fat cells will NOT increase in size unless you gain weight. They will then get bigger as will all of the other fat cells in your body.

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More Time

There should be immediate improvement in size.  The shape and size will continue to improve with a decrease in your swelling and use of compression garments.  Give it 6 months before your final result becomes apparent.

Dr. ES

Brazilian butt lift

Most of the swelling will take about 6 weeks to subside.  The reminder may take a few months to completely go away.  Also the fat cells will take about 6 weeks to stabalize.  During this time, some will be resorbed into your system.  At about 3 to 6 months,  you should be close to your final result.   The butt can get bigger with weight gain.

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Fat grafts are immediately apparent

There may be more swelling intially after surgery, but fat grafts, also called fat injecitons, will decrease in numbers (not all live). They do not engorge and plump up after a while when they start to live in the new area, so typically,  you will not see an increased volume once the swelling goes down.

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Fat grafting to buttocks

You should have noticed a difference in volume immediately after the operation.  This immediate volume usually subsides over the first 3-6 months and reveals your overall result then.  The fat that was grafted to your buttocks should start to behave as normal fat does in most locations.  That is, if you gain weight the fat will increase in size and if you lose weight your fat cells will shrink.

Delio Ortegon, MD
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Immediate noticable results after fat grafting to buttocks

You should see an immediate difference in your shape and size after fat grafting to the buttocks. Your final contour will settle as the swelling subsides and the scar tissue is remodeled internally.  You can expect that what you see at 6-9 months is your final result.

Carmen Kavali, MD
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