Any Other Butt Augmentation Possible Besides Fat Transfer or Implants?

If not enough fat for butt augmentation fat transfer & don't want implant, any options? I'm 120-123 lbs. & hv been told in all my butt augmentation consultations that I don't have enough body fat for a fat transfer. I do not want implants because of all the complications I've learned about & because of the hardening & unnatural feel. What other options does a woman w/ a flat but have??

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Only 2 safe options for buttock augmentation.

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These are the only 2 safe options at this time.  There are PMMA or Hydrogel injections that patients ask about but they are not FDA approved and dangerous. 

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Not too many options for Buttocks Augmentation.....

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Unfortunately, you don't have any other safe options. The only safe options are  1)The Brazilian Butt Lift, 2) Using the skin and fat from a woman's abdomen (if she needs an abdominoplasty) as a graft,        3)Using the skin and fat from around the waistline as a rotation flap (if she needs a body lift), or 4) Butt Implants (but I personally wouldn't include this in the "safe list"). The other things that are injected, are all considered very unsafe (silicone, hydrogel, etc)

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