Does the type of fat grafting technique determine where the fat comes from for a Brazilian butt lift?

Compare fat grafting techniques for the Brazilian Butt Lift. What technique is having great results?

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Does the fat grafting technique for buttock augmentation determine where the fat comes from?

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Donor fat can come from various areas in the body and not influence the outcome. Most commonly fat is harvested from the abdomen, hips, thighs and arms. The technique of harvesting thed graft is critical because fat is very sensitive tissue which doesn't like to be messed with. Therefore the procurement of fat has to be very gentle including the use of low pressures when performing the liposuction portion. It is also important that your surgeon have extensive experience with the procedure to get the best results.

Brazilian butt lft techniques

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There are many fat grafting and preparation techniques that might have some effect on adipocytes graft survival. In other words, the fat grafting technique does not determine where the fat comes from but the survival of the fat once harvested and transplanted. Some of the factors that have been shown to play a role in fat survival include the harvesting technique and the fat preparation techniques. Some physicians advocate for different types of techniques, pressure setting during the fat removal with liposuction, and preparation techniques. Many of the recommendations are based on logic rather than real science. There is no question that minimizing trauma to the fat will improve its survival.

A study published in 2004, compared three different types of harvesting techniques and several preparation techniques. There are two main ways of removing fat either with syringe liposuction (manually applying pressure with a syringe to harvest the fat) versus routine liposuction with a liposuction machine. It was demonstrated that the fat survival was similar using either techniques to remove the fat. Moreover, minimal preparatory technique meaning not washing the fat with any product to remove the blood, oil, tumescent solution (epinephrine and lidocaine) has a better survival outcome that when the fat is washed with saline or centrifuge (spinning in a machine to remove non fatty tissue) to remove all the “non fat tissue”.

Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques......

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If I were you as a patient, I would NOT choose a surgeon by what technique he/she uses to perform this procedure.  I would make your choice by looking at what type of results they can provide for you and be sure they can give you what you want. Look at their before and after pictures.  Hopefully they will have many photos of their patients to show you.  
The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a VERY tedious procedure and a very technically precise procedure.  It can be done using any one of many different techniques...... As long as it is done correctly.  If any one step is not done correctly, your fat cells can all die.  So, which technique used isn't the issue as much as the importance of performing that technique well. 
Choose a surgeon who consistently provides the results you are looking for.  Look at their before and after photos.
Good luck

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Donor Site and Methods of Fat Preparation for the Brazilian Butt Lift

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The donor sites for fat for a Brazilian Butt Lift, aka buttuck augmentation with fat injections, is basically wherever one can get it. This is most commonly from the abdomen, flanks and lower back/upper buttocks as these represent the largest body surface areas for fat harvesting. Given the volume of liposuction aspirate that is needed for injection into the buttocks, one rarely has any opportunity to chose between different donor sites. Often the reverse is the situation...trying to find enough fat for adequate buttock volume fill. In addition, there is no evidence yet that any one type of fat is advantageous for injectable fat grafting or that any one method of fat preparation survives better than another after injection. 

Brazilian Butt lift

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Harvesting the fat for fat transfer is usually harvested from all the areas that have excess fat  to get the volume needed. Also fat around the buttock that interfer with how the buttock looks must be liposuctioned.

The method of harvesting the fat must be as gentle as possible to lessen injury of the fat cell. This can be done by syringe liposuction or liposuction by machine. The suctio pressure must be as little as possible. high pressure can be achieved by syringe and machine, so the experience of the surgeon is paramount.

Also the wy the fat is cleaned is important, the time lapse from aspiration of fat to the time of fat transfer is very important ( you can not leave fat sitting for long time before you transfer it)

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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