Too Much Fat on Body to Receive Successful Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hi! Id like a BB Lift, and I will be losing 90 pounds pre-op yet anticipate lots of hanging belly/back fat after weight loss. I was curious if: -One can have too much excess fat (stomach/back) to see any actual benefit from the lipo part of the procedure? -Would having more fat to lipo in these areas increase the price of the BB Lift? Thanks!

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Too much fat?

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Great, challenging question.




Yes, with too much fat, you don't benefit artistically from the lipo, however if you are staging an abdominoplasty as it sounds like you may be, then it does help.  If you are still in the process of losing massive amounts of weight then you shouldn't be having this operation .. yet.  Typically surgery is priced on how much time or how difficult the operation is.  This one isn't particularly difficult but is very labor intensive and time consuming so I would have to say yes, if you are interested in other areas of liposuction besides that which is needed for your Brazilian then you'll be charged additionally.

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Losing weight before buttock lift

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When losing 90 lb of weight, the challenging aspect is what the skin around the abdomen and back going to do. Even though you may still have fat left to liposuction as a means of harvesting the fat to do buttock lift, you may still have to deal with loose skin tissues (ie, around the abdomen, back and even the buttock). the goal is body contouring, which means every part of the body will be affected. It will do no good from contouring or aesthecially standpoint if you put a lot of volume to the buttock without dealing with skin. Thus, you may need more then just buttock lift/enhancement with fat graft injection, but you may even need either tummy tuck or body lift to help remove the excess skin. Most  importantly, before making your decision to have buttock lift surgery via fat grafting, make sure you have a thorough discussion with your plastic surgeon, addressing all of these issues so that way you can have your surgery strategically planned out well.

Kim-Chi Vu, MD
Portland Plastic Surgeon

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