What Happens to the Fat After Smartlipo (w/o Suction)?

I've read some reviews that said that the body will absorb the fat gradually and another said the body might form infection due to devitalized fat tissues. If the melted fat were to be absorbed, could that raise my cholesterol/tryglyceride/glucose level? Could so much of fat be all absorbed in the body after the procedure without suctioning it? How long approximately will it take?

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Smartipo Should Use Liposuction To Remove Fat And Liquid Residue

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Fat that is broken down from Smartlipo and not suctioned out may be completely, partially or minimally absorbed. It is not clear what happens to the free fatty acids that are released. Whether they are absorbed or turned into scar tissue is not known. This is why it is best with Smartlipo to perform extraction or liposuction of any fat and free fatty acids that have been liberated. There is no medical evidence that liposuction, of any type, elevates one's cholesterol or triglyceride levels during or after the procedure.


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Studies I have read show little to no change in triglycerides with blood tests after lipo.  There is some infection risk, but this is a small risk.  We have yet to see an infection with liposuction.  Typically the fat is removed, but getting all of it is not practical.  If the bulk of it is removed, your risk is very low.

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