Getting Rid of Fat Above and Bellow the Belly Button?

I have a lot of extra fat below my belly button and a little above it how can I get rid of it? I have tried walking and exercising and it just doesn't seem to work.

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Getting Rid of Tummy Fat

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Hi amber,

Surgical options for removing excess tummy fat include liposuction and/or tummy tuck. Whether or not you would be a good candidate for surgery depends on several factors:

  • What is your BMI (Body Mass Index)? Surgery is not safe if you  are significantly overweight.
  • If you have loose skin and fat in the lower tummy (after pregnancies or weight loss) , TT with liposuciton is a consideration.
  • If you have never had children and the tummy skin is firm, liposuction alone could work.

A consultation with a PS in your area should be helpful.

Good Luck

Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

Getting rid of belly fat

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A picture would be so valuable here!  However, if you have great skin and muscle tone, liposuction would be possible.  If your skin is lax and loose, a tummy tuck would be the best.  Visit with the best plastic surgeons in your area to find out more about these options.  

Body Contouring Surgery may be right for you

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Hi Amber,

Not knowing your height and weight, as well as whether or not you've had children handicaps my ability to answer this question precisely. That being said, liposuction is an excellent option for removing fat. If you don't have significant stretch marks or a history of massive weight loss, your skin may have enough elasticity to allow for a really nice postoperative appearance. If you have a lot of stretch marks and a bulge of your tummy, this may indicate that you need a tummy tuck.

Your best bet is consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon. Hope this helps.

Abdominoplasty vs Liposuction

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You may be a good candidate for a tummy tuck or abdominal liposuction.  It all depends on how much of loose skin you have.  It also is important for us to know your height and weight to determine if liposuction would be a good option.

Hope that helps you out.

Farbod Esmailian, MD
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuciton could be a possibility

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We do not know your height and weight, which would be helpful. Another consideration is whether you have had children and the condition of your abdominal wall muscles. In general, if you only have a problem area around your umbilicus and below, liposuction may be a surgical consideration for you. It sounds like you have tried by exercise and diet already. Look for a board certified plastic surgeon and see what your options are.

Francisco Canales, MD
Santa Rosa Plastic Surgeon
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