Can my implants be repositioned?

I had my breast augmentation under the muscle 8 month ago, everything went very well, but I started to do body bilding and I really don't like that my breasts are moving during exercise. Can I reuse same implants to be repositioned on the top of muscle?

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Curing one problem could create other problems.

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Hello Kitket, It is always best to go back to your original surgeon if things have not turned out the way you would like.  The problem is that there are good things and bad things about going under the muscle.  You have experienced one of the bad things, but there was a reason that you chose to have the implants under the muscle in the first place and so if you now change to having them on top of the muscle, you may experience some of the bad things about having them on top of the muscle.

In principle, you can move the implants from under the muscle to over (and vice versa) and use the same implants if it has only been 8 months, but you really need a discussion with your surgeon about this because you don't want to cure one problem but potentially create other problems!  Good luck.

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