Cheek fillers - is it safe to inject Teoysol into the cheek bones?

Hi I've recently posted on questioning about cheek fillers, Ok so I went ahead and had them done really pleased with the results, but a few things worry me, is it safe to inject Teoysol into the cheek bones? What long term affects on the bone it's self does it have?

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Injectable filler in the cheek

Hi there,

Teosyal is safe for the injection of the cheeks. Cheek fillers are not injected into the bone, so you have nothing to worry about. 

Teosyal has a range of injectable fillers so it's important to find out which product range is being used for your face. These are the common types of Teosyal products used for creating volume in the cheeks.

Teosyal Global

Teosyal Ultra Deep

Teosyal Ultimate 

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Filler to Cheeks

Filler in not injected into the cheek bones- it is injected on top of the cheek bones so there is no effect on the bone.

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