A 5 mm granuloma is forming in the superior aspect of my new belly button 6 weeks after abdominoplasty? (Photos)

Granuloma forming in superior aspect of belly button six weeks after abdominoplasty. I don't have any s/sx of infection, can't see a foreign object obstructing the area, and there doesn't seem to be excessive tension. I had an appointment with my plastic surgeon today, but had to cancel it. I have an appointment in one week. I will email my concerns along with photos to the office. Would love to hear from other specialists in the mean time.

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Always a Foreign Body

Hello,It is likely a deep permanent suture at your muscle wall that is contaminated with bacteria and needs to be removed. This requires good lighting, good surgical equipment, an assistant, methylene blue to track the sinus track to the source, and local anesthesia.  Hopefully your surgeon is up to the task. Best of luck!

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Irregular healing of the bellybutton.

It seems you do not have an immediate problem, but getting this checked by your plastic surgeon is the best idea. Often, these kinds of findings will soften and resolve on their own. You are still very close to your surgery as far as the healing process goes.

Ira H. Rex lll, MD
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Granuloma in belly button 6 weeks post abdominoplasty

Small granulomas such as this can frequently respond to cautery with a silver nitrate stick. At times they can be related to inflammation from a permanent or slowly absorbing suture. It's best to have your plastic surgeon examine the area to determine the best course of action.

David A. Bottger, MD
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Granuloma, Proud flesh

Hi ChrissyLooks like your diagnosis is correct.  What exactly would you like to hear?Generally, application of silver nitrate will take care of the problem.Keep your appointment.Best to you.sek

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