Who do I see for removal of lipoma in scalp?

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Lipoma of Scalp

Lipomas of the scalp are typically removed by Plastic Surgeons and ENT surgeons. Always go to a board certified surgeon.

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Who do I see for removal of lipoma in scalp?

First, you will need an exam to help establish a diagnosis. If these are truly lipomas, excision would be the standard treatment. A plastic surgeon can help you with this.

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Who do I see for removal of scalp lipoma

I would recommend seeing a specialist trained in surgery and surgical principles - plastic surgeon, ENT, or general surgeon.  Hope this helps.

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#Lipoma - lipoma in scalp?

You can see a board-certified plastic surgeon or any of a number of other specialties, including general surgery, ENT, etc.  You should contact your internist for a recommendation for someone near you, as well as the plastic surgery society site (plasticsurgery dot org) for a referral.

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Who to see for removal of lipoma on scalp?

There are several specialties in medicine that could potentially remove a lipoma on the scalp.  These would include facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, head and neck surgeons (ENT), and general surgeons.  You could check around on your own or your primary care doctor may have some suggestions.  

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