I'm in need of both sinus surgery and a Rhinoplasty, what is your advice on how to go about it? (photos)

In December I had a consultation with Dr.Nayak out of St.Louis, MO for a possibly rhinoplasty. However, I've recently had to have X-rays done and have been told that I'm a good candidate for sinus surgery due to the sinus pathways. My dilemma is that my doctor wouldn't be able to perform both surgeries. Are there doctors that can offer both services? Should I just have the two separate surgeries? Pro/con? Advice? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Rhinoplasty and sinus surgery

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There are qualified surgeons that can do both at the same time. You will want someone board certified in otolaryngology and facial plastic surgery. Do research to make sure that they are good at both. Its easier for surgeons to superspecialize in more urban centers. You can have 2 surgeons perform separate parts of the procedure but that will greatly limit your options of surgeons if you want only one surgery. I've listed my website below as an example of someone who just focuses on all aspects of nasal surgery.

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Sinus and rhinoplasty surgery

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thank you for your question. It is certainly possible to have both procedures under the same anesthesia. If you don't have a doctor in your area who can do both simultaneously then find an ENT who would do the sinus surgery first followed by the plastic surgeon. Then there is only one recovery time. Best wishes. 

Mark Loury, MD, FACS
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