Is Invisalign billed to insurance the same way metal braces are?

I have coverage through my health insurance to get orthodontia for TMJ. I do have diagnosed TMJ, and the orthodontist stated that invisalign would benefit me more with my TMJ, but she was saying most insurance companies don't cover it. Do they have different procedure codes? If so, what are they?

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Billed the same

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Conventional bracket/wire therapy and clear aligner therapy are both used to move teeth orthodontically, so the same procedure code is used. If you have orthodontic coverage with your insurance plan, then they will pay for conventional braces or clear aligner therapy the same way. Invisalign clear aligner therapy and conventional bracket and wire therapy are just the means used to move teeth orthodontically. The same thing happens physiologically using either method. Clear aligner therapy has many desirable benefits to get teeth into the proper alignment.

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