It is now Friday, and on Wednesday I had a septorhinoplasty done with turnbinate reduction as well. Is damage likely?

Is damage likely if I put the nozzle on my saline spray too far up my nose? I was told to use this. It is still bleeding a lot, but had been prior. I don't think I put it too far, but I most likely did put the nozzle a little further up, and possibly too close to my septum. I'm really worried about this. I see my surgeon Tuesday to get the stints removed. I called the office and they told me to be more careful in the future. I didn't realize that I was using the bottle incorrectly.

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Post surgery manipulations

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I don't think you did any damage.  First, saline is very helpful in clearing the secretions and blood that might build up.  So continue it's use as much as possible, according to your surgeons post op instructions. Second, the septum and turbinates are not fragile, even in the immediate post op period. So you are very unlikely to do any damage to them as well.  

A small amount of bleeding or spotting is common after rhinoplasty.  Turbinate reduction can also bleed as well, depending on what technique was employed.  But most bleeding or spotting stops the day after surgery, so if you still are experiencing this problem you need to check in with your surgeon.

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Don't think so

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If your still bleeding a lot it is best to call your plastic surgeon and have her/him check out what is going on so that you feel more comfortable.  However, by just washing your nose you should not have hurt anything.

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Keep talking with your PS

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You are on a very recent post op. We think asking on here is a little risky. You loose time if there is some important bleeding. Actually your best help is your PS, keep comunication. If you feel something is wrong  just give him a call. He is going to help with your situation. If He dont pick the phone and you are bleeding , just go to emergency. Dont loose time.


Dr Hernandez Pizzoglio

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