Can you remove dark spots on lips permanently?

I've noticed dark spots on my lips, and i have tried natural solutions to make it go away, and it actually did, but for only 2 days then came back and spreaded. I used Vaseline on my lips often, drank about 3 to 4 bottles of water a day to stay hydrated and even created a lip scrub that I used for day and night time use. please help its very embarrassing having this on my lips knowing that's what people will look at first!!!!

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Dark Spots on the Lips

Dark spots on the lips are usually small venomas (collections of veins). However there are other things they could be. Almost none can be treated by you alone. You need to see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon who can diagnose the cause and help you decide how to treat it. Venomas require excision or Hyfrecation (destruction by electric current).

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