How to permanently clear dark spots off lips? And is their any natural remedy to use to clear it?

I have these two huge dark spots on my lips. I'm not a smoker, or neither a person who takes too much caffeine. I had dark spots on my lips before and I applied Vaseline to it often and every time it was dry, the dark spots went away for awhile (about 2 months) but recently just came back,after creating my own lips scrub which contain ( sugar, and Vaseline). Also I'm a lip sucker and have been for 13 years and for the past to days i've haven't licked my lips but the dark spots have gotten worse.

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Hyperpigmentation on lips - treatment options include skin lightening, fillers, peels, steroid creams

Please post photos for further evaluation. Skin lightening creams, low density lasers, VI peels and PRP all help improve lip pigmentation. Sun protection and an SPF of at least 30 will also be beneficial. I suggest a formal consultation with a dermatologist. Best, Dr. Emer

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How to permanently clear dark spots off lips? And is their any natural remedy to use to clear it?

Thank you for your question.  Unfortunately it is difficult to offer definite recommendations without at least a photograph, but most acquired cases of a dark lip spot develops from biting, pulling, or rubbing the lip against one's teeth.  The repeated small "trauma" causes irritation of the tissues and can cause post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.  In these cases stopping the lip biting is paramount and then protecting the injured lip skin with sunblock will help speed lightening.  See a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in consultation for the best treatment recommendation. Hope this helps.

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