Why do my new teeth keep falling out?

I have had four implants approximately 7 months ago. The two top teeth have fallen out at least 7 times. This is not what I expected to happen, I'm at the dentist office once a month or once every other month. This is also extremely embarrassing. I continuously tell my dentist that I am extremely unhappy. The things that I have read and the research I had done prior to this procedure was these teeth we're to be permanent. I really need to find some options that will give me the results that I expect.

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Why would a dental implant crown come out?

There are several reasons why a dental implant crown might come out.   If the bite is not balanced properly, then the  crown will  get knocked off the underlying component called the abutment.  The solution this would be to properly balance the bite.  The next reason would be if the abutment was made without enough retention.  The solution for this would be to remake the abutment.  Another reason would be if the cement being used is not strong enough. Naturally, the solution for this would be to use a stronger  cement . I hope you  found this  information to be helpful, Dr. Champagne

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Dental crowns

Hi, thanks for write... Maybe the position of your crowns is not too good, when you chow could have high contact with your bottom teeth. Good luck 

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Why do my new teeth keep falling out?

Crowns can come off but it should be rarely rather than every 3 months. Sounds like you have an ill fitting crown or a preparation that has inadequate retention to hold the restoration (if it is a cemented restoration). If it is a bonded restoration the bonding technique is not correct or again there is inadequate tooth structure to bond to. Your dentist should redo a no cost or find another office which can do a proper restoration for you.
Good luck!

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