I think I might have Ptosis. What do I do?

So , my right eyelid is slightly droopier than tha left one. And also, I have been suffering from dry eye syndrome which only affects that right eye. I'm using artificial tears a lot. My right eyeball appears to be sunken a little bit deep aswell. Im really tired of the irritation and stinging sensation caused in that eye by dry eye syndrome apparently, the eye and the eyelid being droopier gives my face a tired look. Sorry for the bad quality of photos but would really appreciate any help.

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Diagnosis And Treatment Of Ptosis Of The Upper Eyelid

Based on your description of your eyes, it is possible that you suffer from ptosis of the right upper eyelid. Unfortunately, there are no pictures attached to your posting.

One critical question is whether you have limitation of your field of vision secondary to the ptosis of the upper eyelid, particularly on upward gaze.  There are also different degrees of ptosis that are graded based on the level of the eyelashes relative to the pupil, and this would need to be assessed during your visit to an ophthalmologist or plastic surgeon, as would the indications for repair of the ptosis, and the type of ptosis repair to be performed.  Sometimes it is the case that both eyelids are actually ptotic to different degrees, but only the eyelid with the more severe ptosis initially attracts the attention of the patient.  There are also many causes of dry eyes, and this may still need to be addressed after your ptosis surgery.

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