Follow-Up Question: Difference between moderate and high profile implants? (photos)

Here are some photos to follow up with my previous question about wanting more cleavage and thinking my implants would be bigger. Recently under went BA 3 weeks ago and I have 400cc high profile implants under the muscle. I'm happy with how they turned out, however I was wanting more clevage and I thought they were going to be a little bigger. I'm 28 5'7" 125 pounds and I have 2kids.

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Different styles of implants, breast implant revision procedures

Breast implants come in all shapes and sizes; saline, silicone and form stable silicone. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of choices, so how do you choose?

Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who specializes in breast implant surgery and review the options.  Detailed measurements, photographs, computer simulation, before and after photo viewing will all be performed.  Based on the anatomy of the patient and her desires, the experience and skill of the surgeon, a surgical plan will be formulated.

The most common complaint, almost 100%, after implant surgery, is that the women wished they had picked a larger size implant.  When implants are actually placed surgically, especially under the muscle, they look smaller than anticipated.  That, and the fear of choosing an implant that is TOO BIG leads to this dilemma after the procedure.  I recommend being patient and wait for the swelling to subside and the tissues to re-adjust to the new implants, if after 6 months, you are dissatisfied with your implants then do the revision procedure.  Using this approach, only about 5% of the women choose to exchange their implants, most adjust and are happy.

Regarding the question on Moderate and High Profile implants.  High Profile implants have less base diameter and more projection than Moderate style implants.  Basic round implants have 2 measurements, the base diameter (it is a circle shape), and the height (projection).  Let's look at an example;  Mentor, smooth, round silicone implants, 400 cc in volume.  The High Profile implant is 12.2 cm in diameter and 5.0 cm in projection.  The Moderate Plus profile is 13.1 cm in diameter and 4.0 cm in projection. So, even though the implants have the same volume, the Moderate Plus implant is 0.9 cm greater in diameter and 1.0 cm less in projection.

When trying to fill the cleavage area, especially in a wide chest, typically the larger diameter implant is chosen, so Moderate Plus Profile is a better choice than High Profile, unless a larger volume High Profile implant is chosen.  To match the 13.1 cm diameter of the 400 cc Moderate Plus profile, a 500 cc High Profile implant (diameter 13.2 cm) needs to be chosen.  A rough rule of thumb when comparing High Profile to Moderate Plus profile diameters is; the diameters are the same when the High Profile implant is 100 cc greater in volume.  Just like the example I just presented, the 500 cc High Profile diameter and the 400 cc Moderate Plus profile are almost the same.

In this situation, the chest/breast  wall diameter is wide (14-15 cm?), the left breast sits higher on the chest wall than the right and is slightly smaller in size.  The nipples are oriented outward (not down the middle) and the cleavage area is wide ( I am guessing about 3 cm).  The implants placed were 400 cc High Profile, possibly under the muscle with an inframammary incision.  The dissatisfaction is with the size and lack of cleavage.

The 400 cc High Profile implant used in this situation has a similar diameter (12.2 cm ) of a 325 cc Moderate Plus implant (12.3 cm).  The result is nice, but did not meet the expectations of the patient. If we want to fill the cleavage gap, then a wider diameter implant needs to be chosen, something closer to 15 cm in diameter.  Some choices would be 600 cc High Profile or 500 cc Moderate Plus profile.  I would also place a larger implant on the left, as it is a smaller breast to start with.  This can be adjusted during surgery when the patient is placed in a sitting position.

Implant exchange procedures have a much quicker recovery than the original breast surgery with less pain and discomfort.  The incision (scar) has already been made, the stretching of the skin and muscles has already occurred.  Most women are back to work in 3 days.  It is a quick outpatient procedure.

Good Luck!

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