Does this appear to be a mole or could it possibly be something else? (Photo)

After a day in the sun this spot appeared on my lip. I can't get in to a dermatologist for months so I am wondering if it may possibly go away or could be more serious. My only concern is how dark it is and how it appeared from no where. Could it potentially be a blood blister? It is not completely flat so that's what led me to potentially believe that after looking at other photos online.

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Pigmentation on Lips - Q switched/Pico Laser, Lightening peels, Topical bleaching

Most likely this is not a mole or labial macule.... hyperpigmenation or a "dark spot" due to excessive exposure to sunlight. I suggest consulting with a board certified dermatologist for further evaluation. Q switched or pico lasers can help with a few treatments in combination with lightening peels with vitamin c and topical bleaching. Dr.Emer

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