10 days post op - still swollen sore and so very itchy. Is this normal? (Photos)

I had my surgery 10 days ago, I had over 950 grams removed from each breast. My underarms are still very swollen . Painful. My incisions are itchy and omg the nipple sensitivity is through the roof. Breasts are tight, and I am pretty sure I have the dog ears at the t section . See my ps tomorrow for tape removal. I am a hairdresser and supposed to go back to work Monday and I am very weary about this. Lifting my arms above my head , and the possible accidental bumps... so nervous

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Breast reduction

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From what I can see you are healing well.  Itching and nipple sensitivity are  normal and will improve with time.Tightness will also improve as the swelling resolves.  Talk to you surgeon about returning to work.  It looks like you will have a nice result. Jane

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