Red Bruise Below Eyelid After Mullerectomy

My family member developed a big red and black bruise below her eyelid 12 hours after mullerectomy. The bruise increased in size within 2 hours and then stopped. Surgeon just asked to apply ice. The bruise has not gone away. Why did this happen. What can I do?

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Surgery, including a Mullerectomy involves cutting.

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Dear Ptosis

Eyelids commonly bruise after surgery including ptosis surgery.  The bruise is not  just confined to the eyelid that had surgery but can collect in the lower eyelid as well.  When these bruises are significant, they can last several weeks.  Profound bruising can also compromise the surgical outcome as well.  Time is what is needed.  Follow up closely with the surgeon as instructed.

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Bruising is Normal after Ptosis Surgery

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Dear Ptosis

I have been performing eyelid surgery in Denver since 2003.  It very common to have bruising after ptosis surgery.   Unless your family member develops severe pain or decreased vision, the bruising should not cause any long term effects.  Ice for the first several days is the best treatment.  Anecdotally, formulations including the herb Arnica Montana may also speed the resolution of the bruise.

Michael McCracken, MD
Lone Tree Oculoplastic Surgeon

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