Are You Familiar W/ Coolsculpting Causing Welts Months After Treatments?

Coolsculpting (CS) in Feb-Aug noticed hard welts both sides of waist, where had CS. Ret'd to doc, she ack'd the welts, but didn't see any correlation. Welts too symmetrical on both sides not be related. Not itchy often but aren't smthng I care to have. Doc had no clue, thought there was smthng going on internally, unrelated to CS & suggested a pri doc. Canceled appt w/PC believing w/out a doubt the welts have to be related to the CS. Are you familiar w/ this reaction?

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Welts Months after Treatment

I am not familiar with welts months after treatments.  I have been doing this procedure for years and have not seen this.  I suggest you consult a board certified dermatologist for a proper evaluation.  Please post a photo of the area as well to help you.

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Welts following Coolsculpting

It's difficult to say with any certainty what may be happening after your procedure without examining you.  Some patients do experience some firm areas or nodules following Coolsculpting that are temporary from the fat cells that have died and are not yet eliminated by the body.  These nodules can be firm and palpable but are temporary and do resolve on their own.  These types of bumps are felt deeper in the fat and not welts that would appear on the skin.  Make sure to follow up with the office that treated you so they can best advise you about what may be happening and what you can do to help it resolve. Good luck.

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