Is this normal for one breast to be little hard than the other one? (photos)

Hi I got my breast implants done in August 11th,2015. I'm overall satisfied with the result even tho I've double bhbble. But, my left Brest is little hard than my right breast. My right breast is really soft, the left one is soft but not too soft like my right breast. I still massage them everyday. Is there any way I can get rid of double bubble & this unevenness?

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Redo breasts augmentation

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Dear Sady,
  Thanks for submitting your pictures. From observing your pictures, you appear to have bilateral double bubble (right side worse than left side) as well as upper and medial  poles  capsule contracture. 
 To obtain optimal and natural looking breasts, you will need to have inferior capsulorraphy (internal bra) and medial and superior capsulotomy (scar release) . That will result in natural looking soft breasts with nice cleavage and lower fold
   Always consult with experience board certified plastic surgeons who do lots of redo breasts augmentation in accredited surgery center for your safety. Check the before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and naturally attractive with nice IMF (infra mammary fold) and cleavage.
                  Best of luck,
                                       Dr Widder

One implant harder

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Hi, usually by 4-5 months postop the implants have softened quite a bit.  If you feel more firmness and see a contour irregularity, it might be worthwhile discussing this with your PS.

Revision breast implants

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Without seeing your preop photos and only seeing your postop photos I can make comments about what revision will be necessary. The right side will need some type of correction of a bottomed out implant. Depending on the weight of the implant and the thickness of your tissues, you may want to consider adding Strattice as an insurance policy that this doesn't happen again. The left side, which is hard, will need a partial if not full removal of the capsule "capsulectomy". I would recommend going back to your operating surgeon to discuss.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Implants / Breast Augmentation / Anatomic Gummy Bear Implants / Silicone Implants /Double Bubble/ Breast Implant Revision

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I appreciate your question.

From your photos, it appears you have a double bubble on both sides and may also have capsular contracture.  I would recommend that you contact your plastic surgeon so he/she can examine you and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan at this time.  You should also discuss your goals and expectations for revision surgery.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.
Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative breast surgery.

Best of luck!

Dr. Schwartz

Revision surgery

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Based solely on your photos and description, it sounds as if you are going to need revision surgery. You have a double bubble on both sides and it sounds as if you might have capsular contracture. Schedule an appointment with your surgeon so that you can be assessed in person. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Implant issue

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Each breast might feel a bit differently with implants. I would recommend trying to fix the double bubble issue. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Hardness after breast augmentation

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Hello dear, thanks for your post and provided informationand pictures as well.

Is to early to worry about this, you are only 2 weeks post op, is normal to feel this way, breast sides heals different and that's why you are feeling that one is more tender and hard that the other one. Patience is one of the most important factors in achieving the best results in cosmetic surgery. We all want to see the final result as early as possible. Unfortunately, the healing process is complicated and takes time. You cannot fight Mother Nature. The surest way to get a poor result is to undergo revision surgery before your body is ready for additional surgery.

breast augmentations take about six months for the swelling to go down and the breasts to settle and assume their final size and shape.

Please wait until six months post op. Minor asymmetry is normal.

Good luck :)

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Is this normal for one breast to be little hard than the other one?

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Posted photos demonstate capsule on left, right double bubble with bottoming. Best to seek in person opinions>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Breast implant surgery

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First of all congratulations on getting a breast augmentation and your recovery. You have double bubbles on both sides and asymmetry between the two. It's possible you could have capsular contraction in the left. The best thing to do is follow up with your breast surgeon and see if you have capsular contraction. If so start promptly on medical treatments. Best wishes

Double bubble after breast augmentation

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Reviewing yourpictures, I think it is definitely reasonable for you to consider a revision. Firstly, you describe symptoms of what very well may be a capsular contracture. While in itself, this is not dangerous in any way, if it causes a noticeable difference in softness between the breasts, if your breast is firm and unnatural, if this bothers ypu, then you should have it addressed. Not only may it continue to get worse, but a surgical procedure can allow a surgeon to remove and transect that scar and make things soft again. In regards to your double bubble, I think things can be improved significantly. Not only does the double bubble cast shadow to make things noticeable, but it appears that the implants have drifted down slightly which has placed the nipples and a spot on the breast which is a bit too high. The nipple should never be any higher than the spot on the breast mound which is at the dead center. I think a surgery in which the breast fold is tacked back down to push the implant up higher can treat not only the dropping of the breast, but the double bubble as well. One would probably need to disconnect the attachments from the old fold which is causing the bubble to the underlying tissues. All of these things need to be done by a board certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast surgery. Your first step is an examination with either your prior surgeon, or a second opinion. I hope this helps.
Best of luck!
Dr. Subbio
Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Newtown Square/Philadelphia, PA

Christian Subbio, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon
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