11 sessions of Brazilian laser, all hair grew back. Should I keep doing laser even though it was pointless after all pain?

I found no information on people's experience after finishing all sessions. Laser supposed to be permanent, but after 11 session is done same thing happened again.

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LASER Hair and now regrowth later on

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Laser hair reduction is the use of laser or IPL to help remove hair.  In some patients the treatments are not effective.  However, the most common issue for patients with laser hair regrowth usually comes down to either an ineffective LASER or improper settings.  For this reason, making sure the facility has physician oversight and training in laser physics and the principles of laser hair removal are critical.  Here are some factors to consider:    

-Low fluence lasers (lower energy) can sometimes lead to no change in hair removal or can actually promote hair growth.   This must be adjusted to account for the other variabilities in your skin.  

-Certain wavelengths are not as effective as others at treating unwanted hair.  Find out what type of wavelength your laser treatment was at.  Alexandrite lasers are typically best for fairer patients, Diodes for most patients, and Nd:YAG for darker patients.  Nd:YAG tends to compete with melanin and is not as ideal for hair removal for most patients but is a great wavelength for many other purposes.

-IPL is generally considered less effective than solid state lasers.  In part this is because IPL is a broader range of light than solid state laser and it is difficult for the light to penetrate the skin.

-Other factors such as hair synchronization into telogen phase and how laser settings need to be adjusted as patient's progress through later treatments (hair becomes finer) are also important.

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Hair grew back after LHR

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Effective treatments are determined by the energy used and the laser used. I would consider a 2nd opinion. Often settings are set too low to avoid problems but this actually is not beneficial in the long run. It causes the hair to become smaller in size but not removed because the energy wasn't enough to kill the cells, just injure them. Certain lasers are better than others. IPL is not as good as lasers and is often sold as a laser, which it is not.

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Laser hair removal myths

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There are several myths about laser hair removal. First there is never any assurance that results are permanent. WHile most clients do enjoy long term results, there is always the possibility of regrowth and sometimes it is more than anticipated.  Hormonal changes such as thyroid conditions, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pregnancy and menopause can all lead to regrowth of hair. Sometimes clients do need touch ups after their initial treatment which could be anywhere from 6 to 12 treatments.

 That being said, it is equally important the best laser and settings are utilized for optimal results. Given the popularity of the procedure, there are many inexperience providers who utilize technology which is less than adequate.  The best lasers for hair removal are alexandrite, diode, and yag.  Someplaces use IPL of other light based devices which are not as effective. The type of laser used predominately is determined by your skin type. YAG lasers will typically be used on ethnic or darker skin for safety reasons while diode and alexandrite are used on fairer or caucasian skin typically.  I understand you frustation but it may be worthwhile to have a discussion with your provider about future treatments or consider a second opinion

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