My breasts are noticeably uneven, if I get an augmentation on my right breast, should I get one on my left breast too?

Since I was little, one of my breasts has been smaller than the other. Now that I'm nearly twenty, the difference in size is very noticeable and I'd really like to look into evening out my breast size.

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My breasts are noticeably uneven, if I get an augmentation on my right breast, should I get one on my left breast too?

Please put your front, side pictures. These pictures are easier to see if they are taking by someone else not close to the camera of the area you are interested only to give you a better answer.

    High profile are taller and narrower implants when compared to moderate profile implants of the same volume.The decision is usually based on the patient breast dimensions, amount of breast that the patient can contribute to the projection and I also factor the patients desires. I try my best to also respect the skin quality and elasticity in order to prevent future drooping due to unnecessarily heavy implants.

over or under muscle doesn't dictate what size implant we can use.  The muscle coverage is helpful in very thin patients and seems to reduce capsular contracture according to some scientific studies. Under the breast tissue is the most natural feel and has a less chance of animation deformity when the pectoralis muscle contracts. In most instances only the top implant is covered by muscle and the reset of the implant ends up under the breast tissue.

  That depends if the needs a breast lift or not and on the size of implant they want. The bigger the implant the less natural it's going to look. Now we also have the silicone that are anatomically shaped and that can give a more natural shape, and less of the round shape of the traditional implants.

Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a ton of Breast Augmentation and has privileges to do this surgery at a local university hospital. This says his credentials have been checked out by fellow Drs. All surgeries carry risk, talk to your plastic surgeon and choose one wisely. 

Many surgeons, including myself, offer online virtual consultations where you send us your photos and we can estimate the cost. I, like many surgeons, also offer free consultations so that you can be examined and given the most accurate quote possible. Please be mindful that the in person physical exam is the most important and could potentially alter your treatment plan.

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Evening out breast size

Your question requires a physical exam to answer properly. However, if you are happy with the size of the larger breast, you may be able to just put an implant in the smaller breast. Frequently, putting implants on both sides can give more control for a symmetrical outcome. This would involve putting a small implant on the existing larger side and a larger implant on the smaller side. Make sure to address these concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon.

*Opinions stated here are only opinions. They are not based on a clinical exam which is recommended. 

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My breasts are noticeably uneven, if I get an augmentation on my right breast, should I get one on my left breast too?

Thank you for your question.  Photographs would be helpful.  It is very common when there is breast asymmetry to perform a lift of the lower larger rest and implants on one or both sides.  To learn more about breast asymmetry please read the link below:

Uneven breasts

The usual answer is yes. Augmenting both breasts gives you the best change of having good symmetry. If you augment one breast with an implant not having an implant on the other side can make them look uneven. Fat grafting is also a possibility to achieve matching breasts if the discrepancy is not that large.

Schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon and get more information.

Good luck!

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Breast augmentation

To optimize symmetry it may be best to have implants in both breasts.  An evaluation by a board certified plastic surgeon is the place to begin.  During the consultation you can discuss options and together determine what path will be best for you.

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Breast Augmentation

Yes you should consider both breast implants because it is easier to match than to match an augmented breast with a native breast.  Please see a Plastic Surgeon for an exam to determine the right options because this is a general answer and needs to be tailored to your breast size.  Good luck with your decision!

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Breast Augmentation - Symmetry

Thank you for your question.  A photo would be helpful to answer your question appropriately.  Meet with a board certified plastic surgeon in person to get evaluated.  I've seen patients need a bilateral augmentation to achieve symmetry and increase volume in both breasts. I've also had patients only need one implant on the smaller breast to achieve symmetry.  Every breast is different, therefore as suggested a consultation would be your next step.  Best of luck. 

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You would have to be seen in person to determine what might be appropriate for you. The simple answer is yes, you can have implants in both.

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Management of Breast Asymmetry with Implants


Breast augmentation is a great way to address mismatch in breast fullness. If the breasts are different in other dimensions (one is more constricted/one is more saggy) you may need a lift on one side. And you also may require augmentation of both breasts if the size difference is not major. If there is a moderate discrepancy you might need both sides augmentation.

Best of luck! These outcomes are very satisfying!

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Correcting breast size differences

Thank you for your question

It is important to know that breasts can be similar, but not the same! For this reason, many surgeons will always remind you that no 2 sides of the body are mirror images and that your breasts will never be completely symmetric. So breast asymmetries can be improved, but never completely corrected. This is exactly why breast measurements are determined individually for each breast.

It is also important to realize that certain asymmetries can arise from uncorrectable defects such as defects in the sternum, ribs, and muscle. This is why it cannot be conclusively said if a particular case of breast asymmetry can be fixed or not. This will require an in-person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will evaluate chest and breast asymmetries and form a comprehensive surgical plan.

Nevertheless, to correct breast asymmetry, a plastic surgeon can either reduce the size of the larger breast (breast reduction), or increase the size of the smaller breast to match the larger one. If breast augmentation is desired in both breasts, then breast asymmetry will require using different sized implants for each breast (i.e., smaller implant for larger breast, and larger implant for smaller breast).

Your surgeon may use objective measurements to narrow down the implant size choice to a small range in order to address the differences in deformities between the right and left sides.

Surgeons use what is called tissue-based planning. The planning takes into account the effects of implants on tissues over time, risks of excessive stretch, excessive thinning, visible or palpable implant edges, visible traction rippling, ptosis (Sagging), and breast tissue wasting.

To determine the implant size, breast measurements must be made: 1) Base Width of the existing breast tissue, 2) breast skin stretch, and 3) Nipple-to-Inframammary Fold distance. The combination of these measurements will help determine tissue coverage and the required implant volume to optimally fill the breasts.

I recommend that you seek the advice of a board-certified plastic surgeon for more information.

Hope this helps!

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