Falling Hair Treatment for Female?

I'm 21 years old, female and I'm very upset. My hair is very thin and fall too much. Please, I'm very upset about my hair. What can I do?

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Treament Options for Female Hair Loss

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The solution depends on the cause of hair loss. Women experience hair loss for many reasons, including:

  • Female pattern baldness
  • Pregnancy
  • Stress
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Drug use
  • Iron deficiency
  • Folic acid deficiency
  • Vitamin deficiency
  • Alopecia areata
  • Poor diet
  • Untreated hypothyroidism
  • Bad circulation

Since you are young and female pattern baldness is usually a product of hormonal shifts and aging, the first thing you should do is consult your physician. It may be as simple as the need for a daily multivitamin. It may be more complicated. If it is, indeed, female pattern baldness, minoxidil (Rogaine) is a safe over-the-counter hair restoration drug, though only temporary (it works as long as you're using it). Hair transplant is a permanent option.

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Treatment of hair loss in women

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There may be a variety of reasons for hair loss or thinning in women. Vitamin deficiencies can contribute to this. Numerous disease states or hormone conditions can be assciated with hair loss as well. You should be evaluated by your gynecologist and possibly a dermatologist or endocrinologist. Some physicians have prescribed Rogaine for women as on epossible treatmtent.

Losing hair can be upsetting but if you want to do something about it, go see a doctor for a proper exam and treatment options.

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Losing hair can be upsetting but if you want to do something about it, go see a doctor for a proper exam and treatment options.

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Thin hair in young ladies

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For women hair loss can be more complicated.  First I suggest that hormone levels including thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone be checked. If lab work is normal have evaluation with a dermatologist to check scalp for any skin conditions. If both work-ups are within normal limits then you could consider a combination of the following.

1. Low lever laser therapy

2. Collagen/Biotin supplement

3. Specialized shampoo line 

Female Hair Treatment

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Many different possible causes for hair loss to include nutritional deficiencies or hormonal changes in the body.  So something non surgically such as Rogaine and low level light therapy may work.  I would suggest to go to your primary doctor to do some tests and blood work to check if you lack any vitamins, minerals or if you have a hormonal unbalance.  Your provider will go through an extensive history and physical that will include laboratory evaluation and possible biopsy.

Hair Loss in Women

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There are many different possible causes for hair loss or thinning hair in women, which include nutritional deficiencies, disease states such as hypothyroidism or anemia, hormonal conditions, medications and genetics to name a few. I recommend you consult with a  board-certified dermatologist who has a lot of experience in evaluating and treating hair loss in women. 

Hair loss treatments for women

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Very sorry to hear of your condition.

Because women's hair loss is usually diffused, only a small percentage of women are good candidates for hair transplantation.  Other modalities such as Rogaine and Luce have worked well.

An evaluation by your physician would be a good start. You can also seek out a hair specialist in your area and let them take a look at your hair and advise what would work best for you.

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Hair thinning 21 yo F

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The most important thing for anyone with hair loss to do is seek the correct diagnosis

There are dozens and dozens of reasons to lose hair. If the treatment was all the same regardless of the cause of hair loss, then it wouldn't matter so much to try to figure out the cause. 

However, the treatments are all different for different causes

You will want to make an appointment with a physician who specializes in hair loss in order to figure out a diagnosis and a treatment plan. 

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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