Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?" (photo)

Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?" They feel softer each day but since I always see them it's hard for me to notice subtle changes in shape, so, you tell me. Thanks, you gorgeous surgeons, you!

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Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?"

Your most recent picture is the best. Without knowing elapsed time post-operatively- it's difficult to fully assess but it appears that you may continue to improve. Usually it takes months for the implants to settle.

Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?"

The process of the implant "dropping" occurs as the weight of the implant stretches the surrounding tissue. The degree to which the implant moves depends on several factors including the size of the implant, the position (under or over the muscle), and the strength of the surrounding tissue. This process occurs over a period of 3 to 6 months. The overall feel of the implant usually softens and the fill of the upper pole of the breast decreases. It is always difficult to render an opinion without examining a patient. That said, in your most recent picture the implants appear to be settling in. As you get further out from the surgery you will likely continue to notice subtle changes in the shape, softness and position of the implant.

David Mathes, MD
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Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?"

Thank you for the question, pictures and complement! The terminology “drop and fluff” refers to the process of breast implants “settling” into their final position.  As this process occurs, some patients feel that their breasts seem larger;  the nipple/areola complexes also seem higher on the breast mounds. Usually this  process occurs within the first 3 to 6 months after surgery. Although you do not state how far out of surgery you are currently, it appears to me that your plastic surgeon has done a nice job for you and that you will likely end up with a very nice outcome. Best wishes; hopefully you will enjoy the outcome of the procedure performed for many years!

Factors that affect when breasts are done "dropping"


Many factors combine to determine the time for breast implant pocket relaxation.  The size of the implant, pocket creation,  whether the implants are under or over the muscle, patients tissue quality, and use if a bra or compression dressing.  It often takes several months for this to occurr for most people.  Taking photos weekly in the same light may help you determine if they have done changing.

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Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?"

Hi and thanks for your question. Implants will take anywhere from 3-6 months to settle and assume a more natural softer look. At the present they still look a bit stiff. Be patient you'll get there. Good luck

Settling implants

Looks like they are on their way to being in the right place and an excellent result.  You just need to to patient and you will get there. 

Are my boobies "dropped"

Your breasts look great. You did not mention how far postop you are. Usually implants settle in at 3 months and swelling subsides. 

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?" (photo)

From your most recent photo, it appears that you are on your way.  You didn't mention when you had surgery so generally speaking keep in mind that because everyone is so different when it comes to healing, it can take anywhere from 3-6 months for your implants to settle and breasts to soften.  Looks like you are doing well so keep up the good work! ac

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Breast implants dropping and fluffing

In general, implants usually drop and soften over a 4 month period sometimes sooner and sometimes longer. I can't tell with photos.  Sorry.

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Are my boobies "dropped" n "fluffed?" How does one know when they're "fluffed?"

Hey what is 'fluffed'???? No idea what you are asking. Maybe you need to rewrite exactly what you are inquiring about...

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