Can I Get a Fake Look if I Am Already a Natural 36DD?

I'm a saggy 36DD and I want a very round, high, fake look. I know that a lift can make me perkier, but out of the hundreds of before & after pictures I've seen of lifts, I have not seen any that give the look that I want. I only see this look in implants. Because I'm already such a large bra size, will implants give me the fake look or would they just look natural?

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I have a large droopy breast how do achieve a fake implant look?

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A breast reduction witch includes a lift could achieve an uplifted look but invariably will assume a more natural look in time. To get what you are asking for, you need an augmentation reduction surgery which is a bizarre concept. You get a breast reduction which eliminates the excess breast tissue and an implant at the same time. The implant will give you the upper pole fullness, that is usually lacking in breast reduction alone. My question to you is; why you desire a fake looking breast?

Breast reduction and breast lift

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In order to do that you will need to raise the nipple complex and then center the breast tissue under the nipple. Your photos show large drooping breasts. I do not think those breasts will fit into the smaller skin envelope so you will need some degree of a breast reduction. Doing so will also decrease the risk of recurrent drooping. Implants will increase the risk of recurrent drooping.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

The round high look, fake, with a breast implant

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Ordinarily the easiest way to the high and round fake look with breast implants is with a sub-glandular high profile breast implant. The problem you will face however is that your breast is so large and drooping that you will need a significant lift, perhaps some reduction, as your nipple is approaching the level of your elbow. Once the breast is higher and shaped as a second step you can round up the breast with an implant as described.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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"Fake" Look

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You can get a lift and implants if you'd like a "fake" look. The lift will address sagging, and implants with the right shape can give your breasts a rounder look. Please see an experienced board certified plastic surgeon to help you determine what implants would be best for your body. The lift and augmentation can be performed at the same time or one after the other, with a few months of recovery time between.

Breast lift

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If you have large breasts, a lift may be helpful. As for adding an implant, It may look ok initially, but giving you the "fake look"  tand adding a large implant may lead to early recurrence of sagging.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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"Fake" implant look due to lack of padding

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Hi FutureMILF: The "fake" look I think you are referring to is the well defined, high, rounded shape at the upper breast. That is due to a large implant extending high with very little coverage over the implant. This look is most common in very thin patients with very little of their own breast tissue and implants placed directly under the breast. The benefit (drawback for your goal) of larger breasts is that the extra padding hides the implant and the look is more natural. If you have a breast lift to repackage the breast tissue that you already have (with implant if you want to be larger), you will likely have better "control" of the shape. You should be able to manage the "fake" look for special occasions with a properly fitted push up bra. Good luck! Dr. H

Mary C. Herte, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Unrealistic goals

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What you are looking for is not possible with your physical situation and any plastic surgeon who agrees to it or attempts it is asking for a very disappointed patient and potential disaster. In breasts that are high enough, an implant that is too big or too high can give the look you describe but at least that can be reversed by removal. Doing a lift or lift/reduction and an implant in your situation is highly likely to turn out poorly and most experienced plastic surgeons would probably decline such a procedure. 

I would recommend a lift only or a lift with a small reduction and then reassess after that is healed and settled. Adding an implant later could possibly be done to achieve the overdone look and would carry much less risk. 

Scott L. Replogle, MD
Boulder Plastic Surgeon

No lift will make you high and round

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You have large breasts and they are long vertically.   No matter how much the skin is lifted and tightened, you won't end up with high breasts.  If a surgeon tries, you will only get a complication or a deformity.

The best thing for you at this point is to find a surgeon whom you trust and be guided by him or her.  Look for postoperative photographs of results of breasts that look like yours and find out what was done.

Good luck.

Mark B. Constantian, MD, FACS
Nashua Plastic Surgeon

Can I get a Fake look?

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Well, you can certainly get a bizarre look, probably fake in a strange way.  I doubt if that is what you meant. Seriously, some things are just not meant to be, and a patient's search for some elusive and ill-advised goal can lead to a disaster (like loss of a nipple or horrible scarring) or a deformity from which there is no return.  If by "fake" you mean a very full, tight, bulging look high in the upper pole of your breast, the problem is that you have a very large breast that hangs down quite a ways, and when the implant is placed in you (the bottom of the implant is at the level of the fold under your breast, your natural breast tissue will hang off of it like a large, full sock.  Because of the size and weight of your breast tissue, a simple breast lift, which will not give you the upper fullness you desire but at least is designed to lift the breast up where it belongs, will in you just stretch down under the weight of your breasts.  Aboud the only way to achieve what you may be describing is to have a significant breast reduction with lift, let things heal very well for some months, and then have an augmentation.  Trying to do bothat reduction lift and an augmentation at the same time will probably lead to you losing your nipples or some other disastrous complication.

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