What can I do prior to surgery to ensure that I heal properly and get the best results possible?

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Pre-op instructions

I have attached a link to the pre op instructions I give all my patients. 

Good luck on your upcoming surgery!

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Optimizing your mommy makeover results

The best results come after the best preparation without taking shortcuts.  Being at your ideal weight is paramount.  A mommy makeover is not a weight loss tool, and having a "fluffy layer" will both detract from your results when the excess tissue is removed as well as contribute to wound healing complications.   Being well-nourished is also important. I recommend a multivitamin, a diet rich in protein and consuming the "rainbow" of vegetables - the more colorful the better. Smoking and nicotine of any kind is absolutely forbidden.  Alcohol should be limited to one glass of wine a day or eliminated completely.  Finally, sleep and low stress is crucial.  When you are stressed and tired, your body floods with cortisol that impairs your ability to heal.  Great question!

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In preparation for surgery

There isn't much for you to concentrate on. You should eat a balanced diet, perhaps take a multivitamin, avoid smoking and products that might make you bleed. Some of these products are aspirin, NSAIDs, fish oil, high dose vitamins, dietary supplements, and others. If you are in question about any of these, ask your board-certified plastic surgeon if they are safe. Most of these should be stopped two weeks ahead of time.

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Preparation For Surgery

Hello and thank you for your question.  
While I would recommend following your surgeon's detailed preop instructions carefully, a good way to prepare for surgery is to eat a healthy balanced diet (lots of leafy greens) and drink plenty of water.  Do not smoke, and if you are a smoker in my practice I would require you to quit at least 4 weeks preop without the use of nicotine aids to decrease your post op risks of wound infection and skin necrosis.  
You'll want to avoid alcohol consumption and the use of aspirin or ibuprofen before surgery, as this may increase your risk of bleeding.  Lastly, it's usually best to discontinue the use of herbal medications, as they may also contain ingredients that increase your risk of bleeding.  
Best of luck to you!

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What can I do prior to surgery to ensure that I heal properly and get the best results possible?

Thank you for your question.  Your doctor will always provide you with the best pre-surgery recommendations on preparing yourself, but it is always wise to avoid any tobacco products whether your own use or those around you, maintain a diet of lean meats and fruits and vegetables, take a daily multivitamin and avoid any medications that predispose you to bleeding, such as aspirin.  Daily exercise has shown to improve your immune system function and healing ability as well.  Hope this helps.

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What can I do ensure that I heal properly and get the best result?

Make sure that you are optimizing your health by eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and not smoking or excessively drinking.  You want your body to concentrate on healing the areas from surgery and not having to also recover from bad dietary or social habits.  Good luck

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What can I do prior to surgery to ensure that I heal properly and get the best results possible?

If you are in good health, close to your ideal body weight, and don't smoke, you should heal fine. If this describes you, the only suggestion would be to take a multivitamin with less than 50 IU of vitamin E, none if you can find one. Vitamin E can increase your risk of bleeding. Another suggestion would be to start on a silicone based scar gel or silicone scar sheeting after surgery to give your scars the best chance possible to heal. 
If you are a smoker, you must stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery and stay off all nicotine products for a month after the surgery. Smoking significantly increases your risks for skin necrosis and wound infection.

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Best Results Possible

You can achieve the best results possible for you body by just following a healthy lifestyle. This would involve typical things such as" no smoking or drinking alcohol in excess, getting a good nights sleep, eating well balanced meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables, and possibly even adding a multivitamin. You can also generally speed up recovery times by getting up and being active on the same day as surgery.

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Preparing for surgery

Thank you for asking about your surgery.

There are some standard things you can do to get ready for surgery -
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Get regular exercise
  • Do not smoke at all.
  • Do not drink to excess (more than 2 glasses of wine a day for a woman)
  • Follow your surgeon's instructions
  • If you have pets that sleep in your bedroom, get them out of the bedroom and clean the room 2 days before surgery
  • Taking extra vitamin C and D may help as well.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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Preparation for mommy makeover

Healthy eating habits and daily exercise are helpful to prepare for your mommy makeover.  Being close to your ideal weight will help your surgeon to get the best possible results for you with the fastest healing.  If you are physically fit before surgery, you will bounce back quickly following a few weeks to recover from your mommy makeover. Good luck.

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