I have a mole on located on my right cheek as shown. My question is do I request a shave or to have it excised? (photo)

also, how long do you think it would take for me to be able to wear makeup over the area after the procedure?

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Shave or excision?

From the photograph, this pigmented lesion on your cheek appears to be a mole (nevus). Lesions like this, extend in to the deeper layers of the skin and as a result it is difficult to remove them with a shave procedure. If you went ahead with this, I expect that some pigment would be left behind and that the mole might eventually recur. Alternatively, with an excision, the entire mole can be removed. The elliptical wound created by the mole excision is closed with sutures and this results in a line scar. This is likely the best option for a patient like yourself.

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Shave vs excision

Thank you for your question. The difference between the two procedures you are inquiring about is the end results. A shave biopsy would leave you with a circular, slightly indented scar similar to a chicken pox scar, and the possibility of the mole returning. An excision would leave you with a slightly larger linear scar and no chance of the mole returning. The healing process is different from person to person, and you can start to apply cosmetics to the surgical area when it is fully healed. I highly recommend you consult with a dermatologist regarding the different procedures available for mole removal and risks of scarring and recurrence. Take care and good luck.

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