I received the "o" shot today 6/27/16. How long should I wait to begin Thermiva treatments?

Will the heat from Thermiva negatively effect the "o" shot

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O-Shot and vaginal tightening devices

Thank you for your question.  You should be able to undergo both procedures at the same time.  I would recommend you do the tightening devices such as the Thermiva, COre Intima etc.  first and then the O-shot.

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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No need to wait

You can do both on the same day.  Don't worry, the heat will not affect the results.  You hopefully will be happy with the results.

Samer Muala, MD
Phoenix Family Physician
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Timing of Treatments Depends on Your Goals

When to add O-Shot into your Thermiva treatments depends on your individual case and desires. Our practice is to perform the O-shot at the second Thermiva treatment (we perform 3 ThermiVa treatments 1 month apart). This protocol allows the patient’s tissues to respond to the thermal effects of ThermiVa and to understand the how the results of ThermiVa differ from those of the O-shot. At the second visit, we perform the Thermiva treatment first and then apply a topical numbing cream before performing the O-Shot. The numbing cream is very effective and the injection is essentially painless. At the third visit we evaluate response to treatment and perform the last ThermiVa treatment. Patients return one month after the last treatment to evaluate progress. Good luck!

Kahlil Andrews, MD
Cedar Rapids Plastic Surgeon
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Thermiva and the O-Shot

The O-shot can be performed on the same day as your ThermiVa treatment. In my office we apply additional lidocaine to the clitoris first, and then do the ThermiVa treatment—allowing an additional 30 minutes for the area to numb prior to the injection. Cheers!


The O shot can be performed immediately after the ThermiVa or any time that's convenient to you. Afterwards many women report better sexual experience and urinary control.


No problem on the ThermiVA and the O-shot. In fact many of the ThermiVA doctors have been treating patients with the ThermiVA and the O-shot on the same day. 

The way it is done in my office is the blood is drawn before the start of the treatment and the numbing cream is placed on the clitoris, that way the PRP and the patient is ready for the O-shot once the ThermiVa treatment is complete. We have seen much improved results with sexual satisfaction and improvement in stress incontinence with the Thermi-O.

Cheri Ong, MD, FACS
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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ThermiVA and O shot timing

Though there have been no documented scientific studies done utilizing PRP
with any of these modalities, many providers are combining these treatments
with synergistic effects. Both procedures are working by increasing
neovascularization and collagenases.  If you have already had your O shot
I would recommend waiting 3-5 days before the ThermiVA just to ensure no
injection site reaction. At future appointments you could do the ThermiVa first
immediately followed by the O shot. Good luck!!

Paul G. Ruff IV, MD, FACS
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon
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G spot amplification with PRP and Thermiva or CO2 laser

Hi, the use of PRP and vaginal treatment such as Mona Lisa touch/co2re Intima or Thermiva, has shown a synergistic affect. I perform the CO2RE Intima first followed by the g spot amplification with PRP 1 week laser. The results gave been very promising for my patients. 

Falguni Patel, MD, FACOG
Colts Neck OB/GYN
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ThermiVa and O-Shot are natural partners

Thanks for your question; it's a good one!  All of us answering this question are basically guessing, because no one has done a scientific study to determine what, if any, effect ThermiVa could have on the O-shot.  We do know the treatment temperature of ThermiVa (42-45 degrees C.) is really not very hot, when you consider that water boils at 100 degrees C. and body temperature is 37 degrees C.  It is highly unlikely that ThermiVa will have anything other than a positive effect on O-shot results.  Both procedures induce increased blood flow and have the effect of rejuvenating the tissue, but they do it through different means.  Therefore, the result should be synergistic, meaning even better.  I think it would be prudent to wait at least a couple days after the O-shot before doing your first ThermiVa treatment and if I were planning it in advance, I would do the ThermiVa first and the O-shot immediately after, just to eliminate any doubt or risk of infection at the site of injection.

W. John Bullis, MD
Bellevue OB/GYN
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ThermiVa after O shot?

Thanks for the question. I traditionally do them together- ThermiVa first and at conclusion of the treatment with ThermiVa the same day, perform the O shot. I have seen good results with this combination being done at the same time. I have not done them in close proximity (ThermiVa AFTER O shot) and there really is no data on how heat will effect it. 

That being said, the puncture marks from the O shot are closed in 48-72hrs so risk for infection with manipulation with thermiVa is low after this time frame. The product it absorbed and incorporated in this time frame as well and since the transcutaneous probe only has so much penetration to deeper layers, I would think that after this time frame, you should be fine. I would recommend waiting a week from Oshot until your ThermiVa to be safe, but it should be fine to do them in succession with little consequence and additive effect.

Best of luck!

Kristi Hustak, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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