How would you use Strattice to create some nipple projection? (Photo)

I used to have beautiful only problem is that the left side stayed permanently erect..they would get so tight when exposed to cold or any kind of stimulus that they would become blanched and white and it actually would hurt.. my initial goal was to just snip the nerves and ducts behind the nipple so there wouldn't be the pulling from the short ducts. I was wanting the procedure you would do for an inverted nipple. 

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Nipple Reconstruction

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I hope your surgery addressed your pain and you are no longer suffering. It seems like your nipple reduction has left you with very flattened out nipples. Nipple reconstruction can be done using your own skin and negating the need for Strattice or other prosthetic materials. There are different surgical origami techniques that can build a nipple with the overlying skin you have on your areola. Whilst the new nipple could flatten out also, it may give you the inverted looking nipple result you wished for.

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How would you use Strattice to create some nipple projection?

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Based on your photographs, it seems like you will benefit from nipple reconstruction.  Examination would be necessary to determine whether the tissues are ready for reconstruction.  When the tissues are supple some type of "filler" such as dermis or cartilage will likely be necessary to provide you with an  aesthetically appealing reconstruction.  You may wish to visit with a a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area to discuss goals/options. Best wishes.

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