What can I do to smooth out the fine lines under my eyes? (Photo)

I'm 29 and based on the photo, I'd like to know what treatment would be best to get rid of these fine lines under my eyes.

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There are several treatments based on your budget

Start with a good eye cream, containing retinol, such as ROC eye cream. Use sunscreen for further protection and prevention. If that is not enough, opt for Botox and a small amount of restylane filler placed under the eye, but choose an expert injector for this sensitive area. Lastly, a radio frequency based energy device such as exillis, pelleve, or Infini is a safe and long lasting option for treatment of fine lines in dark skin. Best of luck!

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Hi, I have used Belotero on my patients and I have had great results.  One of the biggest benefits may be the fact that the product can be injected so close to the surface of the skin. Until now, areas around the eyes, and fine lines around the lips could not be smoothed with an injectable filler, and this left patients without a viable solution for solving wrinkles in these delicate areas. 

Sergey Voskin, MD
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Filler injection for undereye shadows

You have some volume loss in the tear troughs which could be addressed with filler injection. My preferred filler in this area is Belotero. The trick is not to overdo it. See an expert injector as the tear troughs, I believe, require advanced injection skills.

Shaun Patel, MD
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Fine Lines Under Eyes

In your picture, I don't see the typical "fine lines" that are created from aging.  I'm wondering if you are referring to the crease that marks the separation of the eyeball from the orbital bone (eye bone), or if t's your tear trough shadow that's bothering you.  1- If there are fine lines under your eyes that aren't showing up on my computer screen, there isn't a lot available.  You don't have a lot of excess skin to consider surgery and they usually don'd resolve with fillers.  Botox (in low dose) sometimes helps, but can actually make it worse in some people.  Microneedling is a good option that you can consider.  Just remember you will need a number of treatments and you will have to be patient.  2- If you are concerned about the shadowing from your tear trough, that area is easily treatable with fillers, as long as your injector is experienced in treating that area.  3- The junction between the eye and the bone is a normal crease.  In your case, it looks healthy and intact- I would not recommend any treatment in that area.

I hope that helps! 

Sherly Soleiman, MD
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